Golf Carts Reviews

Before you make your choice, considering some factors is quite important; such as the affordability, warranty, history, and customization. The features of each Gold cart differ as well, so you need to look into this.

On the Golf cart features, considering factors such as the ball cleaners, the headlights, windshields, protection system against sun and rain, storage options spec for your accessories and kits, GPS, compartments to house your beverages, batteries, trays, and cooler bags, along with several other things are to be put in check.

There are quite a several companies that manufacture these Golf carts, and most of them have been on the road for decades. A set of the most trusted and standard manufacturers are EZGO, Garia, ICON, Star EV, Yamaha Golf Cart, Tomberlin, and Club Car.

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Another important part of Golf carts is batteries, one needs to be making use of the most ideal type of battery from the three major ones available on the market. The following are the three major sorts of Golf cart batteries:

Flood Lead Acid

Either called wet cell or FLA, this kind of battery is not sealed as it only contains lead plates. You can replace the amount of water in case the electrolytes in it are lost, the replacement is easy to run.

Gel Lead-Acid Batteries

For this kind, your Golf cart works smoothly on rough terrain, to the extent that a smooth operation is guaranteed. Having cracks on the outer protection wouldn’t damage its operation at all, this is because there is a way the electrolytes are protected by an agent in the sealed unit.

AGM Lead-Acid Batteries

I would say this is the most durable of them all, it has several track records especially when it comes to keeping the electrolyte protected. AGM batteries are resistant to vibration and safe from spilling. It comes with a fiberglass separator.

On the other hand, there are two types of Golf carts, gas carts, and electric carts. Now, it is in your court to decide which of these you want. The first golf carts were powered with gas, but they later resulted in negative experiences like noise and air pollution.

Then came the electric version of the golf cart. This one tackled all the shortcomings the gas golf carts had, and kept its sales high on the market, even till this very moment.

Electric Golf Carts

When it comes to comparing an electric golf cart with a gas-powered one, the electric one requires a little amount of money in maintenance and it has different battery combinations that are ideal for the use of any kind of vehicle.

On the other hand, compared to gas-powered Golf carts, the electric ones are less or not noisy, and are, on a higher bid, environmentally friendly.

However, they can be so annoying when you have no option but to charge them extensively at a time when you are not set for it, by so doing, you will have a slower experience, which could be worse than that of gas-powered Golf carts.

Gas Golf Carts

A gas-propelled cart is quite faster than that of an electric, and this is possible due to the increase in output with gives the cart a higher speed and makes it durable on a public road.

Unlike an electric Golf cart, you got to just fill it up with gas, and this is done within a few moments, you need not charge anything. Based on the fact that the noise is much, you get to “enjoy” intensive air pollution.

Speaking about the performance of these two carts, you have more distance to cover when you make use of the gas carts, you are sure to climb hills and hills won’t climb you.

However, you need not much comparison or benefits when it comes to any, an electric cart would move around a golf course without any stress, you will only encounter problems in extreme situations.

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