[True Stories] Icon Golf Cart Reviews

You would have heard of Club Car, Yamaha, EZGO, and others if you getting a used or new golf cart has been your desire lately. Notwithstanding, I must say you need to also check out a golf cart manufacturer called ICON.

It began production and operation in 2017, hence, you would agree with me that it is a new, perhaps, baby company. Although most golf cart dealers do not know about this brand, they are now walking through the dawn of a day with her rising profile.

As variants, they are available in both electric and gas, depending on your preference and affordability. So, in this article, you will get to know what ICON is, if it is worth considering, and the potential issues you need to know before your purchase.

Icon Golf Cart Reviews

Within the little time, the ICON golf carts have been in existence, they have tremendously made a good reputation among the newest names in the industry. You get high-value and standard carts for your money.

Amazingly, they are several models from her stables, and they are in various sizes and colors, hence, you find it less or not difficult in making a choice. Some of her models can stand and compete with a wide number of established and existing brands on the market.

So far, a couple of her models can be found on some golf courses; their names are ICON i20, i40, i20 UL, i40 F, i40 L, i60 L, i60, and i80. As you get yourself informed about this brand while you continue checking out this article, you will get to see that the ICON golf cart will serve you well.

Icon Golf Cart Problems

No golf cart on the market is foolproof, the ICON golf cart comes with its faults, and most customers are likely to have encountered one of them. Here are a few faults that are common to the ICON golf carts:

  • Unavailability of Parts

Based on the fact that ICON is a new company, her spare parts are uneasy or unavailable. Hence, you will have always to inform the company when you need anything just to make them place an order from abroad.

  • Battery Problems

Even though the owner of the ICON golf cart company, Roy Williams, claims ownership of a well-known battery company, customers of his cart still complain of problems associated with the battery.

Therefore, it is advised that you ensure, before use, a fully charged battery. You help to foster the lifespan of your cart’s battery and keep off from developing issues occasionally.

  • Solenoids-Based Problems

This particular fault is more associated with most golf carts, and not restricted to this brand alone. A solenoid is an important wire that solely bears the cross of serving your golf cart’s motor with electric current. Kindly note that this is the exact problem if you notice an intermittent start on your cart.

  • Tire Pressure

In case you notice saggy or overinflating features around your tire, you would have to keep it inflated with the right pressure, else, your tire ends up crying from low efficiency or low traction.

In each of the rims, you will find the right pressure once you take a look at the air pressure rating, using an air pump will keep the ball rolling.

  • Flat Tire

Is your tire not responding to the inflation you give, it could be that it is leaking, hence, you have to replace it. Use a jack to raise the car to a height, while you loosen the nuts and take off the wheel rim. Then replace the old tire with a new one to get your lovely cart around the cart once more.

Icon Golf Cart VS Club Car

When you speak about having a great ride on a flat road, ICON got you covered to a large extent. It does not make noise, and you need not spend a lot to maintain it. On the other hand, Club car is a great company that produces amazing golf carts with some aluminum materials that are used in the making of aircraft.

All models from the hands of Club car give you total control and a tight-turn feeling, lightweight, and advanced power package that makes you drive on both highs and lows, and even around your neighborhood.

Both golf carts companies manufacture varieties of models that help you think less in oiling your preference and weighing your purse size. However, the Club car does more models than the ICON golf cart. I mean, the highest number of cart seats ICON offers is 6, while Club car makes from two to eight seaters with incredible balance.

Also, ICON golf carts are unpopular as far as Club car is mentioned, but it is a company you would want to check out as well. Then, asides from the fact that these two are good at making golf carts, on plus, Club car offers turf industrial services, golf hospitality, transportation, and golf cart catering. With great maintenance, Club car cars can last up to 20 years compared to ICON.

These two golf cart companies make and sell electric and gas models.  Speaking about speed range, there are varieties of them, but ICON’s 25mph, while Club car is 24mph at max. For the price, the Club car carts are pricier than the models of ICON.

On the downside, both ICON and Club car got their flaws. For the gas models made by Club car, customers complain of experiencing faults with the clutch, while the spare parts are quite expensive compared with that of her competitors, and the batteries can be quick in getting drained.

For the ICON golf carts, a prominent issue is a size, you would be stranded if found in a parking space with a confined space. Additionally, lovers of gas golf carts don’t get to enjoy the gas cart option.

Icon i20 VS i40

First, the company that produces these two models is sleek, and no golf cart design you see will go without encrypting its looks in your memory. However, a model is meant to be sleeker than others, hence, I would say the ICON i40 got a couple of amazing features compared to the i20.

The ICON i20 is ideal for both golf courses and the streets. It is handy, coming with everything you need to drive on the streets at night. All safety measures and lights are fully in place, ranging from a digital speedometer, a horn, side mirrors, functional front, seat belts, as well as front and rear bumpers, plus, it runs on 25 miles per hour, a nice and unique speed range.

On the other hand, the ICON i40 models offer almost the same features but with some advancements. You can also ride it on both the streets and on the course. It looks way more rugged than the ICON i20, hence, you can ride on rough terrain without panicking.

It is easier to park the ICON i40, and even the i20, but the i40 comes with a 35 miles per hour speed feature, isn’t that amazing? ICON i40 gives you the full control you deserve. You need not worry about fueling, it is made of gas and electric, and the electric model comes with a lithium battery that makes it possible for you to go on 50 miles per charge.

Another component of the i40 golf cart is the availability of several configurations making it easier for you to move more passengers than the i20. While the ICON i20 is a two-seating golf cart, the ICON i40 got you covered with four-seating passengers.

Similarly, both models can be purchased in various types, ranging from street legal, PTV, and golf cart to LSV. Lastly, at least, the ICON i20 goes for $7,800, while i40 is $8,250.

Whichever one you are going for you are covered with safety, value, performance, reliability, and comfort. There are available as new or used; it depends on your preference. Checking out any golf cart dealer near you can get you what you want.

ICON i20 VS i40L

These days, manufacturers of golf carts have gone beyond making use of them for just golf courses alone. Legally, you have an issue driving them on the streets, around your neighborhood, or anywhere. Several golf carts customized for this purpose are on the market, lately, and the ICON golf carts are not exempted.

Her models are top-notch and can be used for different purposes. There are various models for a couple of distinct reasons, and ICON has made it possible for them to be used for campus use, resort, hotel, utility, farming, recreational and commercial use.

Speaking about the ICON i20 against i40L, i20 is a two-sitting golf cart that runs on a 48-volt AC 4kw supply. This supply is in line with the Trojan lead-acid battery from both Nextgen Advanced Lithium and Nextgen AGM of the US. You also get to enjoy an onboard offer as a facility compatible with the Toyota 350 AMP.

On the other hand, the ICON i40L serves you well with four-sitting positions plus a mid-size look. Its lead-acid battery is just like the ICON i20 model. While the forward max speed for trim levels is due to the nature of use, a fully charged battery of this model will take you on a 25-50 miles journey without any cause for alarm.

Unlike the ICON i40L, the i20 only offers a 28 miles per hour speed capacity when it is fully charged. About the ground clearance, it is just 4 to 5 inches, while the chassis is made up of four-wheel hydraulic disk brakes, four-wheel coil-over-shock suspension, and a frame powder coated steel.

ICON i40L also has the same structure as the i20 and comes with a couple of equipment including signal lights, head, brake, and tail, making it easy for you to drive at night on your streets or any place you wish to have that golf cart feeling, anytime.

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Icon i20 Golf Cart VS EZGO RXV

ICON is a new golf cart company, while EZGO has watered the market with quite an amazing set of models before the advent of ICON. However, for a new company to dominate, there need to be pretty advancements in all its features and packages, hence, let us have a close look at the ICON i20, particularly, against the EZGO RXV model.

ICON i20 came on board a few years ago, and it is just an electric golf cart that offers to seat two passengers alone. With a speed of 25 miles per hour, which is more than the EZGO RXV that was made in 2007, you get to not only drive your i20 on the golf course alone, as it is particularly made for legal street use, recreation to anywhere at any time with all the needed pieces of equipment to aid this, coming handy.

Meanwhile, the EZGO RXV is a two and four-passenger seating model available in both gas and electric. To make a purchase, it is not as pricey as the ICON i20 golf cart. i20 is of various types ranging from PTV, street legal and LSV, and golf cart, but this particular EZGO model is just typed as PTV and golf cart.

Amazingly, the EZGO RXV is the first of its kind in the history of golf carts, to have an AC motor system. The company pioneered that feature, it also comes with a motor brake, a built-in compact that automatically initiates the break without handling it manually. Although, this feature has its downside, especially when you over-spread beyond 20 miles per hour.

Back to ICON i20, although it can be used for several uses asides from golf course rides, the company still added some features that are essential for carrying out other purposes without adding up to the price. These features include headlights, turn signals, brake lights, and taillights. ICON will be the first to change the narrative of golf carts just running on courses alone.

While you need not panic over the battery, you must order the ICON i20 golf cart with a lithium battery. An onboard charger is available for you to ride between 30 to 50 miles per hour. Then, speaking about the chassis, it is made of powder-coated steel that is well fabricated. Lastly, the ICON i20 is more silent in move than the EZGO RXV.

Icon i40 Golf Cart VS EZGO RXV

With the ICON i40 golf cart, you end up noticing it in your dreams, but not as a nightmare, rather as a beautiful memory that cannot just remain in your conscious mind alone. Its design is sturdy and striking. Only available as an electric golf cart, as it offers minimum price for maximum satisfaction, value, and features.

While the ICON i40 allows a maximum of four seats on a ride, the EZGO RXV gives you both 4 passes and 2-pass seating, plus gas and electric powering. Being the first of its kind, manufactured around 2007, the RXV model from EZGO is accompanied by an airconditioner motor system. The golf cart market was happy to have her on board when she first came.

Standard features are available for i40, these features include headlights, turn signals, brake lights, seat belts, side mirrors, horn, turn signal indicators, digital speedometer, functional front, and several options with no added amount, making both your morning ride on the course and other uses safe and secure.

Eight different standard colors are made available for your choice, while the EZGO RXV keeps you within a thin line. 20 miles per hour is the maximum speed capacity for this model particular model from EZGO, while ICON’s i40 offers even more with the lithium battery you order upon purchase.

It is easier to get the new and used version of the EZGO RXV than get a used ICON i20 golf cart since it is a new product on the market. Golfers enjoy the features from both companies, but the majority will go for ICON’s brands, except for the difference in sitters and type.

Configurations of the ICON i40 come in different ways, plus a set of hydraulic disc brakes, aluminum wheels of 10-inches, and a powder-coated-steel-like chassis. For purchase, you can either look out for the nearest golf cart dealer or visit their websites. Better still, Amazon got you covered.

Having said all, the purpose of your purchase determines your preference. You might just need a golf cart for the golf course alone or might want to use it to carry out duties. Anyhow, you get to enjoy the value for your money. ICON as other models, even within the i40 family, with greater features, so as EZGO too.

List Of Icon Golf Cart Forums

Delightful it is to be around a set of people that share the same passion, interest, and lifestyle with you. You get to have first-hand pieces of information and undiluted reviews and discussion. And this is a major role, being in a golf cart forum, plays.

After looking out for a set of forums to help you water and oil your desire, and know the differences and similarities other lovers of golf carts encounter as well, this list will foster your drive.

However, there are no golf cart forums on this list, that are strictly for ICON users alone, instead, you get users from both ICON and other models and brands available on the market. Below are the names of golf cart forums on the net:

  • WildBuggies Electric Golf Cart Forum
  • Buggies Gone Wild Forum
  • Talk of The Villages
  • Reddit Golf Carts
  • Cartaholics Golf Cart Forum
  • Golf Carts Forum
  • The Hull Truth

How Good Are ICON Golf Carts?

All golf carts from the stables of ICON are top-notch and not bad. They come with amazing and distinct features, premium values, and sturdy looks. ICON can be used on both golf courses and legally, on the streets, in your neighborhood, plus anywhere else you which to go.

How Much Do ICON Golf Cart Cost?

It’s quite difficult to give a concrete price because there are several models and types from the company. But your budget should kickstart from $8000 at the minimum, and $14000, for a start, at the maximum.

Where Are Icon Golf Carts Manufactured?

While other parts and the components of the ICON golf carts are shipped from China and other places in Asia, it is manufactured in Florida, Tampa, precisely, where its corporate office is situated.

Does ICON Make Gas Golf Carts?

No, you cannot find any gas type of golf cart from the hands of ICON. All her products are electric; the company is known as ICON Electric Vehicles. Its utility vehicles are not exempted from this, nevertheless, the company still gets its respect on the market.

Are ICON Golf Carts 4-Wheel Drive?

No, no golf cart ICON model that is 4-wheel, but the available ones are not bad to look out for and own. The majority of golf carts are not 4-wheeled in the first place, except you demand a custom design, which is mostly provided by Club Car.

Do ICON Golf Carts Have Lithium Batteries?

ICON golf carts mostly come with NextGen AGM US lead batteries, but you can order a Lithium battery alongside, while you can also request an upgrade by sending some necessary details to their customer service or put a call through a performance golf cart outlet.

How Fast Are ICON Golf Carts?

Being one of the fastest golf carts on the market, ICON offers up to 25 miles per hour of speed on most of its products, as you get 50 miles per hour when you order a lithium battery with it. A fully-charged lithium battery gives you this.

Are Icon Golf Carts Street Legal?

With a set of features that are class-leading, ICON golf carts have street legal options, plus some great tools like brake lights, side mirrors, seatbelts, rare lights (etc.) that allow you to drive your cart at night, anywhere, and anytime.

Does Icon Make A Good Golf Cart?

Owning a golf cart made by ICON is one of the amazing and good things a lover of golf can have. This brand is new, but over the years, every model tends to compete with big manufacturers in the industry, such as EZGO, Club Car, and the like. To show you that yes, it is good, a new player isn’t intimidated by the captain’s success.

Are Icon Golf Carts Made By Toyota?

ICON golf carts are only built using the advanced AC systems and controllers by Toyota, they are not made by Toyota. Toyota is a company that produces motors, while ICON Golf Cart INCmakes golf carts. There is no existing partnership between these two.

Who Makes The Icon Golf Cart?

Roy Williams and Terry Trekas own and make ICON golf carts in the heart of Florida, right on the sands of Tampa. Although, a few of its components are said to be imported from abroad, in China and some parts of Asia.

Are Icon Carts 4-Wheel Drive?

No, none of the golf carts made by ICON are four-wheeled, however, that does not make them worthless or substandard. It is always competing in the market with other existing and well-known brands that have been on the face of golfers before its arrival.

How Many Miles Can An Icon Golf Cart Go?

A single charge will take you up to 25 miles, while you enjoy double the speed when you have a fully charged lithium battery alongside. With this feature, ICON is one of the fastest golf carts on the market.

Does Icon Make Gas Golf Carts?

You can only purchase electric carts from ICON, it does not produce gas carts. Global warming is reduced with the use of ICON electric golf carts because it does not pollute the air with emitting.

How Do I Increase The Speed On My Golf Cart Icon?

To make your ICON golf cart faster and get more power out of it, do the following things:

  • Take cognizance of the weight of your ICON golf cart
  • Make use of better tires
  • Activate the golf cart battery to a higher powering
  • Enhance the golf cart’s high-speed controller
  • Get your golf carts more torque

What Colors Do Icon Golf Carts Come In?

Based on availability, you can get the ICON golf cart in several colors namely: Forest Green, Black Metallic, Purple Metallic, Torch Red, Champagne Metallic, Lime Green, Caribbean Blue, Sangria Red, Tuscan Yellow, Indigo Blue, Alpine White, and orange.

Do Icon Golf Carts Have Lithium Batteries?

No, ICON golf carts have no lithium batteries to offer. All you need do is make an order for one or as many as you want, whenever you want to purchase the brand or a dealer.

Do Icon Golf Carts Have VIN Numbers?

No, ICON golf carts and golf carts, generally, do not come with VIN. However, you have a unique serial number that comes with your ICON golf cart, upon purchase. VIN is used for motors alone, hence, if you need to drive your golf cart on the streets, legally, you need to get a VIN. It will help in getting your cart during theft or any other occurrence.

Is Icon And Advanced EV The Same?

Initially, ICON and EV are known to produce golf carts, but at the moment, EV’s game has been upped. It is now a company that does not only make golf carts alone, buses, cars, utility vehicles, and quality cars are now on the list.

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