Rover Golf Cart Reviews [See What People are Saying]

The Rover Golf Cart is an electric golf cart made to fill you with happiness for a couple of years. One of the amazing values you can get on the market as far as smooth mobility on the golf course is concerned.

Ranging from productivity to power, interface to looks, everything is set to steal your heart; only Rover Golf cart can. When it comes to power, all its models are equipped with maximum power components, allowing you to smoothly move your carts with one of the golf carts with the highest horsepower on the market. Find out more about Rover Golf cart in the latter parts of this article.

Rover Golf Cart Review

An amazing thing about the Rover Golf cart, unlike others, is that you don’t need any tools before you can either disassemble or assemble the cart. All its components, excluding no particular model, are made of this nature.

Speaking about size, the Rover Golf carts are light in weight, and riding them around a golf course gives you a stressless grip on the steering and optimum control. I believe, just as I fall in love with the entirety of this golf cart, you would do the same as well, therefore, check out some more details.

Where Are Vitacci Golf Carts Made?

It is great to know that Texas, Carrollton, precisely, is where the Vitacci Golf carts are made under strict adherence to the standards of production and other regulations by the industry.

However, some of its parts are said to be imported, but as Vitacci Motorcycles Inc. whose base is in the U.S, leads, it is pleasing to know.

Who Makes Rover Golf Carts?

Asides from the golf carts manufactured by Rover, established in 1995, a subsidiary of Vitacci Motorcycles Inc., they also produce top-rated and sophisticated golf trolleys, several kinds of golf carts, electric carts, and other things.

Rover 200 Efi Reviews

Rover 200 Efi is designed to be used strictly on a golf course, with other minor use. It has an unfolding and folding back seat, LED front lights and top lights, side mirrors, windshield, and extended roof. Other features are: loaded Automatic Transmission with reverse and forward neutral.

About the speed, they are top with a range of 30 to 35 mph on a digital display odometer or speedometer. The Rover 200 Efi has three bench seats, one Hydraulic Disk Brake, and a trailer hitch, while its colors are available in a d Camo, Red, White and black.

It takes about 8 hours, it could be less or more, depending on how fast the coupling takes and the time utilized. The steering angle is two degrees, 26.6 and 29. The dry weight is around 357kg/785.4LBS, while the wheelbase is 1840mm/72.4 inches.

Additionally, the rear tread is measured on 975mm/38.4 inches, and the front tread at 1120mm/44inch. For the top speed, you get to enjoy either 25miles per hour or 41km/h, while the climbing angles are on a max of 15 degrees. The engine type is oil-cooled, 4-stroke, and single-cylinder. 5.06 Gallon or 23L is the fuel capacity of the Rover 200 Efi Golf cart.

To spice it up, the ignition system is C.D.I using a chain-drive final drive, and a 12V 9Ah battery information. With these and more, you would agree that the Rover 200 Efi Golf Cart is one of the best on the market.

Rover 200 Golf Cart Top Speed

It is either 25 miles/H or 41km/H when it comes to the top speed offered by this great company called the Rover Cart. It has one of the best golf cart speeds on the market, with it, you can cover the entirety of a court without knowing because it has lightweight and easy to control.

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Where To Buy Vitacci Rover Golf Cart Parts?

You can purchase the parts of your Vitacci Rover Golf cart either in the store of a cart dealer near you or on an e-store like eBay, Amazon, and the likes. With any of these options, you can amend any issue such as an unfitting purchase or mistaken ordering.

Where To Find Rover Golf Cart Dealers

Finding licensed golf cart dealers has been made easier by searching for the closest one just from the comfort of your room. A few punching of keys on Google will give you the name and address of any.

How Fast Does A Vitacci Rover Go?

With Vitacci Rover Golf Cart being one of the fastest carts on the market, it provides a top speed of 75 miles per hour or in another calculation, 41KM per hour.

Top Features Of Vitacci Golf Cart

Let’s have a deep dive into the full features this particular golf cart offers, ranging from comfortability, price, and other things.

  • Power

It has one cylinder plus a 4-stroke engine that gives ultimate output on 9.65 HP and 7500 RPM, more than enough for you to move anything you want, around the golf course. Although it is made with an amazing power input it cannot be used for heavy-duty.

  • Torque

The Rover Golf cart has low torque, making no difference from other carts on the market. Nevertheless, since it is light in weight, you are capable of climbing hills on a 5-degree grade with ease. Additionally, the speed booster included in the electric golf cart pulls close to 11.4 N.m from the torque, enough to mobilize yourself and your pieces of equipment, around.

  • Performance

The distinctiveness of this cart is one of its performance, with a fully charged battery, you can move on 30 miles without any itch. And you need not worry if the battery is flat, it has a remote control that fosters your movement incredibly.

  • Efficiency

It saves gas regardless of where you might be headed, and with the spacious area on the cart, you get to even have the provision to place your bottle of water and cups on each seat.

  • Braking

The rear axles and the front of the cart are where you will find the hydraulic disc brakes of the Vitacci Rover 200. Since they work so well, it gives the cart some additional weight that could affect its speed.

  • Ride Quality

The Rover Golf Cart comes with a nice suspension system with a 4-3” airbags made to provide comfort when you get to bumpy terrains. This means that without stress, navigations on a difficult terrain can be carried out at ease, isn’t that a great fit?

  • Cost

With at least $6,650 in your purse, you should be able to own a Rover Golf cart. However, it is ideal that you work towards a higher price, being of the best and top-rated on the market, you ought to know what to expect in the market. It provides the aforementioned features to the last without any exemption.

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Can A Rover Golf Cart Be Used On A Golf Course?

This is one of the most known golf carts on the market that is ideal to be used both off-road and on a golf course due to its high-spec and amazing features. It can be purchased as both gas cart and electric; the model T60 and T40 remain the electric ones, and they can be driven on a golf course as well.

What Do You Get With A Rover 200 EFI Golf Cart?

The Rover 200 EFI 2021 Deluxe Model Golf cart comes with electric ignition, windshield, turn signals, a trailer hitch, side nets, polished aluminum wheels, automatic CVT transmission, and hunting lights.

What Kind Of Engine Does A Rover 200 EFI Have?

Rover 200 EFI’s engine is a 4-stroke 2WD UTV golf cart with a sophistic class and paper-like weight for great rides around the golf course and even off it.

Where Are The Best Golf Cart Dealerships?

Having more than 400 dealers in the U.S, EZGO golf cart dealers are at the top of the list of the best dealers of golf carts. Others are Yamaha golf cart dealers, Club Car dealers, ICON, Garia, advanced EV dealers, and Tomberlin dealers. All you need do is to find the nearest to you, in the state you are located.

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