Star Golf Carts Reviews – Are Star Carts Any Good? [FIND OUT!]

When it comes to recreation, the Star Golf cart is one of your best get-to because they’re more eco-friendly and ideal than competing brands.

Plus, it lets you enjoy mutual connections initiated for several hours, even on short distances, making you keep great conversations with your friends or your loved ones as it can conveniently accommodate two to four people.

Although SGC is driven by adults, kids within the age bracket of 12-16 can also ride it. The build is great! battery lasts long and the speed is on par with most golf ground rules.

As an elderly person, I love the fact that it saves me so much time, and riding in it is such a breeze.

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Are Star Carts Any Good?

Most streets of the states in America prefer a Star cart to any other. It is legal and good with great performance features along low-speed-like experience. Additionally, they are built with nice safety measures, beautiful features, and with the smartest look.

List Of All The Star Golf Cart Models

The Star Golf carts are fast and over the years, the company has manufactured quite a number of them based on different features, affordability, and other factors.

Here are the names of all cart models from the stables of Star Golf:

  • Star EV Classic 36-2 2021
  • Star EV-BN72-08 2020
  • Star EV Sirius 2 Lithium 2021
  • Star EV 48U-2-DC 2019
  • Star EV Classic 48-2HCX-XPR 2020
  • Star EV SS Limited 48-2+2 2019
  • Star EV Classic 36-2 With Sunbrella
  • Star EV Classic 36-2 2021
  • Star EV AK48-4 2020
  • Star EV AP48-04 2020
  • Star EV Sport XPR 2+2 2020
  • Star EV Magellan 4+2-AC 2020
  • Star EV CP-2 2021
  • Star EV Sirius 4 Lithium
  • Star EV CP-2+2 Lithium Batteries
  • Star EV Sirus 2022
  • Star EV AP48-06 2020
  • Star EV Sirius 4+2 2020
  • Star EV CP-6+2 2020
  • Star EV Sirius 4 Lithium 2021
  • Star EV Sirius 2 Lithium 2021
  • Star EV Sirius 2+2 Lithium 2021
  • Star EV Capella 2022
  • Star EV SS Limited 48-4 2019
  • Star EV Sirius 2+2 Lifted 2020
  • Star EV Sirius 4+2 Lifted 2020
  • Star EV BN72-23 2020
  • Star EV BN72-14-D 2020
  • Star EV 72U-HA1-Cab By Curtis 2019
  • Star EV SS Limited 48-4+2 2019
  • Star EV Classic 36-2+2 2021
  • Star EV CP-2+2 Lithium Battery
  • Star EV CP-4 2020
  • Star EV Sirius 2+2 2021
  • Star EV CP-2-2021
  • Star EV CP-2 2021
  • Star EV AP48-04-2020
  • Star EV BN72-11-2020
  • Star EV Classic 48-4HCX-XPR-2020
  • Star EV AK48-2-Long-2020
  • Star EV Sirius 2+2 Lifted
  • Star EV BN72-11-D Wheelchair Accessible 2020
  • Star EV Sport 48-2HCX-2019
  • Star EV CP-6-2020
  • Star EV Classic 36-2+2 2020
  • Star EV BN72-14-2020
  • Star EV Magellan 2+2-AC-2020
  • Star EV Sirius 4-2020
  • Star EV CP-2-2021
  • Star EV CP-2+2 2021
  • Star EV AP-48-06-2020
  • Star EV 72U-2-2019
  • Star EV AK48-2-Std 2020
  • Star EV Magellan 2-AC-2020
  • Star EV Sirius 2+2 LIFTED 2021
  • Star EV Sirius 2+2 Lithium
  • Star EV Sirius 4 Lithium-2021
  • Star EV Sirius 2-2020
  • Star EV CP-2-2021
  • Star EV Classic 36-2-2021
  • Star EV Classic 36-2 2021
  • Star EV Classic XPR-4-2020
  • Star EV CP-4+2 2020
  • Star EV 48U-HA1-Cab By Curtis 2019
  • Star EV 6 Passenger-2007

Star Golf Cart VS Ez Go

When it comes to getting spare parts in case the carts get faulty, EZGO will have a ride on because the company makes her parts available on the market. Asides from the fact that one’s parts are easy to purchase than the other, both got amazing features and serve well. No cart company goes near EZGO, she is too good.

For the Star golf cart, you get to enjoy sturdy and classic designs, especially in the interior, you get seats to make your family comfortable while you captain the ride.

On the other hand, EZGO is made for two purposes; personal golf carts you can use for family and the other for the golf court alone. It is efficient, comfortable, and reliable. The wheels are well made with high-tech features.

Without further ado, both companies have stood the test of time with the production of excellent carts for different purposes and peculiar features. Hence, to get any, you must first consider the durability, specifications, and affordability. I can assure you that going for any of these will be worth the pay.

Star VS Evolution Golf Cart                              

Star is a golf cart company that has always been manufacturing high-performing, good, and low-speed vehicles in several states in America. All her models are designed with jaw-dropping features and one of the smartest technology as far as a golf cart is concerned.

Star is assembled in the US, meaning every production would go according to the standards of the government and the qualities that make it fit for the market. Initially, the Evolution golf cart made a huge break in the Asian market until it grew wings to the US.

Now, it is assembled in the US, in Chino, California, particularly. It has a great reputation and excellence that has been its code for ages. All the parts are strictly made in China, but the assembling along with the Lester electrical onboard charging system and the Curtis instrument speed controllers, are made in Chino.

Star Sirius Golf Cart Price

With a minimum price of $12,999, you can get a nice Star Sirius golf cart with amazing features. At the price, all you get is a two-seater cart for your golf course. However, the larger the model of the Sirius cart model, the price goes to the hills.

Star EV Golf Cart Problems

Mainly, there are two problems that you can face using the Star EV golf cart, first is battery malfunctioning and stuttering of the golf cart. Any of these could be caused by unknown poor usage or maintenance or an improperly fixed connection, hence, you need to reach out to their company for a fix.

Star Sirius Golf Cart VS Club Car

Star Sirius’s golf carts are of different types and specs, you will also get one you can afford. Its designs are spectacular, sleek, and good. Being a brand that has been in existence for a while you got nothing to lose. The battery, especially for this particular model, is an important part you need to consider.

Speaking about Club car, it has been in existence since 2004, and all its models come with everything a golf cart would have. Unfortunately, it might not be ideal for tall folks, most of its models are not spacious enough for someone with great height to take control.

When it comes to fastness, the Star Sirius golf cart is faster than the Club car. While Star Sirius works at 25MPH, 19MPH is Club car. Since both are electric carts, it is advised you get a new set of batteries upon purchase.

Star EV Accessories

The accessories are the accumulation of what makes up the entirety of the golf cart, without them, or with just one being faulty, it might be difficult to make use of the cart on a golf court.

These accessories include:

Storage covers, DoubleTake body, mirrors, rear seat kits, windshields, steering wheels, golf cart enclosures, rims and tires, and extended tops.

Others are:

  • A ball and tee holder
  • Light kits, converters, programmers, chargers, audio, and other electronic accessories.
  • A lithium iron phosphate battery
  • Mirrors
  • A drainable cooler and an insulated front lockable trunk
  • LED lights from the stables of STAR SIRIUS 12V
  • Dash lighting
  • A full-color digital dash display

You can get them from the company itself by reaching out to any of the customer service lines, or by sending direct mail.

What Type Of Battery Do Star Golf Carts Use?

With a double kind of battery, the 8-6 volt batteries, Star Golf carts make use of the 48-volt system for the functioning of its batteries.  These two combinations will give you the most ideal and best range volt systems if compared to others. Ensure you know the effect of the voltage system on golf carts.

Star Sirius Golf Cart Dimensions

The Star Sirius Golf Cart dimensions are between 3022 X 1295 X 2019 mm, while the other proportions are:




L3022mm x W1295 mm x H20119 mm






Ground clearance




Turning Radius


3.2 m




12 inch






Weight with Battery Pack



How Much Do Star Sirius Golf Carts Cost?

Depending on your preference, the Star Sirius Golf Carts at least will cost you $13,000 to purchase one with a two-seater, which is also called Sirius 2. It fits anywhere, especially on a golf course. All the features a golf cart can have are not exempted from it.

You should note that the price increases once the size increases. For instance, the Sirius 4+2 lifted cart goes from $15,000 to $18,0Sincethat this brand is new in the market, and it has not spent up to a decade yet, it could be uneasy to find a used cart.

Who Makes Star Golf Carts?

JH Global Services is the name of the company that manufactures all the models of the Star golf cart. Their presence in the market can be dated back to 2003.

Where Are Star Golf Carts Made?

Straight from the bowels of Greenville, South California, is where the production, convention, and marketing of the Star Golf’s over thirty different cart models are being carried out. On the other hand, it is said that the materials used during the course are from China.

How Fast Is A Star Golf Cart?

With a high level of assurance, Star Golf Cart brags of 25mph as the top speed, making it quite faster than most of the other brands on the market. You are good to move from the beginning of your golf course to the end without any panic. It is a low-speed and legal street electric vehicle.

Are Star Golf Carts Street Legal?

Yes, the Star Golf cart is a legal street vehicle with one of the best features a cart can ever have. All its models are laced with beauty, smartness, and great safety features.

Where To Buy Used Star Golf carts For Sale?

You can purchase used Golf carts from car dealers, although, the Star Golf cart brand is a new one, hence, you might be unable to lay your hands on a deal, only if one who recently got his needs an upgrade or you search the net well.

Depending on how the buyer could have used the cart, golf carts are meant to last for as long as 7 years with proper maintenance and a friendly attitude on them.

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